AMA Dragbike Cancels Pro Stock Motorcycle Races

July 18, 2008 by  
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AMA Dragbike has announced that they've canceled all races in their Pro Stock Motorcycle class for the rest of the racing season. The cancellation is immediate, so the Pro Stock class will not run at the next race. The next scheduled AMA Dragbkie race is the Pingel Thunder Nationals at Indy.

AMA Dragbike president Scott Valetti stated,“the rising cost of racing in the class led to a lack of participation, which led to this decision. It simply makes no sense to continue running the class when racers are choosing not to run it.”

Pro Stock Motorcycle entries have been declining at AMA Dragbike and NHRA events this year. Racers have struggled to secure major season sponsors and have also suffered due to higher fuel expenses as they travel to major series events, causing some to stay home. The increased travel expenses have reduced racer participation in all professional drag racing series.

AMA Dragbike will introduce their new Factory Extreme class at the Pingel Thunder Nationals. AMA Dragbike says that the Factory Extreme class is the, Pro Stock for modern bikes." The class is for modern production sportbikes set up for drag racing, using slicks and wheelie bars, will be run an exhibition series this year. Factory Extreme will be a competition class series in 2009.


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