Vixen of Velocity

November 20, 2007 by  
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Tim Hailey

Race bikes and show bikes bear some similarities, but the two are rarely the same. The sweet customs you see in the pages of 2WT may borrow their bulging turbos, fat-ass tires, and stretched and slammed loins from the dragstrip, but they could never hang with a real race bike when called upon — no matter what kind of horsepower numbers they tout. Consequently, no matter how sharp race bikes look on the track, they tend to disappoint under close inspection. Like when the lights go up in the strip club at the end of the night, or when the morning sun shines on that fine looking MILF from last night — close inspection reveals the scars of battle, patches made in the heat of the thrash, and visual compromises made in pursuit of .001 on the clock.

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