PSM Qualifying at Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals

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Karen Stoffer took the top qualifier spot in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday. Stoffer put her Geico Suzuki at the top of the field during the second qualifying round. Friday's second round qualifying had been postponed due to rain. Newly crowned PSM champ, Hector Arana, qualified his Lucas Oil Buell in the fourth spot during the third round of qualifying on Saturday.

ESPN2 NHRA Broadcast
3/14 Qualifying 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET / (7:00 AM - 9:00 AM PT)
03/14/2010 Eliminations 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET / (3:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT)
03/17/2010 Repeat Eliminations 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM ET/ (12:00 AM - 2:00 AM PT Airing on 3/16/2010)

Rider Sponsor /
E.T. M.P.H.
1 Karen Stoffer Geico Suzuki 6.855 194.77
2 Eddie
Screamin' Eagle/Vance &
Hines V-Rod
6.868 195.51
3 David Hope VRoom Racing Buell 6.874 193.29
4 Hector Arana Lucas Oil
6.881 195.39
5 Andrew Hines Screamin' Eagle/Vance &
Hines V-Rod
6.883 195.08
6 Craig Treble Valvoline Motorcycle Oils Suzuki 6.888 194.41
7 Steve Johnson Steve Johnson Racing Suzuki 6.894 193.38
8 Junior Pippin Pirana Z Buell 6.894 192.19
9 Shawn Gann Rum Bum Racing Buell 6.907 193.21
10 Matt Smith  Al-Anabi Racing Buell 6.924 191.32
11 Michael Phillips MPR & DAM Sport Suzuki 6.943 194.27
12 Jim Underdahl Suzuki Extended Protection Suzuki 6.956 194.46
13 LE Tonglet Buell 6.962 192.33
14 Mike Berry MB Machining/ LAT Racing Oil
7.006 188.20
15 Angie Smith Coffman Tank Trucks Buell 7.025 185.38
16 Redell Harris Master P/No Limit Record Buell 7.032 186.48
Did Not Qualify
Darin McCurdy Darin
McCurdy Racing Suzuki
7.034 193.16
Douglas Horne Horne Racing
7.067 190.97
James Surber South County
Cycles Racing Buell
7.089 188.17
Family Racing Suzuki
7.105 188.52
Wesley Wells Kendall
7.110 190.38
Joe DeSantis Team Joey D
7.111 188.41
Rum Bum Buell 7.267 160.77

Hector Arana Wins PSM at Gatornationals in Gainesville

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Hector Arana and his Lucas Oil Buell, beat fast qualifier Matt Smith in the final round for the Pro Stock Motorcycle win at the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, 40th annual ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals. From his very first run on Friday, Smith had been a dominant force in Gainesville this weekend, but Arana ran flawlessly Sunday.

Hector Arana qualified second with 6.957 E.T. at 191.40 MPH, which put him up against Junior Pippin on his Stone Mountain & Granite Mountain Harley Davidson Buell in the first round. Pippin had problems at half track and had little chance against Arana’s scorching 6.935 E.T. at 192.66 MPH.

Douglas Horne of Horne Racing made his NHRA PSM eliminations debut, but his 7.066 E.T. at 185.31 MPH with a 0.024 reaction time, was not enough to beat Angie McBride’s quick 6.994 E.T. at 188.10. McBride’s reaction time was 0.052.

In the second round of eliminations, Arana was up against PSM champion and seventh place qualifier Eddie Krawiec on his Screamin' Eagle / Vance & Hines Harley Davidson V-Rod. Arana ran 6.942 E.T. at 191.84 with a 0.036 react time, beating Krawiec’s 7.031 E.T. at 188.89 MPH with a 0.013 reaction time. Another rider with a round two upset was Angie McBride, who lost to Andrew Hines when her NitroFish /MSR /Redline Oil Buell broke at the line.

Shawn Gann was having a great weekend on his Mastercam Buell, until he had to face Arana in the third round. Gann beat Craig Treble in the first round of eliminations. He then went on to beat third place qualifier Karen Stoffer on her Geico Suzuki. Gann’s great day was no match for Arana’s flawless performance. Hector ran a 6.981 E.T. at 192.17 MPH with a 0.120 reaction time, beating Shawn’s respectable 7.052 at 188.25 MPH, despite his 0.050 reaction time.

Matt Smith first round win against Ryan Schnitz on his Team Muzzy Kawasaki came easily when Schnitz left 0.014 too early, triggering a redlight. Smith then ran a 7.021 E.T. at 186.82 MPH, defeating Steve Johnson’s Wyotech Suzuki which ran 7.083 E.T. at 188.33 MPH, with an impressive 0.020 reaction time. In the third round, Smith faced off against Andrew Hines. Smith’s dominance continued as he dispatched Hines. Hines ran a 7.119 E.T. at 185.08 MPH with a 0.019 reaction time, but Smith ran a better 7.039 E.T. at 187.86 MPH with a 0.048 reaction time.

To get the win in the final round, Arana ran a 6.977 second E.T, at 191.4 MPH with a 0.076 reaction time, besting Matt Smith’s 7.133 second run at 185.51 MPH on his Nitrofish Suzuki. The win earns Arana his second Wally and starts his Pro Stock Motorcycle season on a high note.

Smith Fast Qualifier at Gatornationals Friday

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Matt Smith and his Nitrofish Suzuki set the standard early during Friday's qualifying for the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, 40th annual ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals. Smith's first run was 6.945 second E.T. at 189.44 MPH, putting him at the top of the field. NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion, Ed Krawiec, was sitting seventh in qualifying with a 7.007 second E.T. at 189.71 MPH.

Friday's Qualifying Results

Pos. Rider Sponsor / Bike E.T. / MPH
1. Matt Smith Nitrofish Suzuki 6.945 189.44
2. Hector Arana Lucas Oil Buell 6.957 191.40
3. Karen Stoffer Geico Suzuki 6.963 190.43
4. Angie McBride NitroFish/MSR/Redline Oil Buel 6.963 189.50
5. Andrew Hines Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines 6.991 188.62
6. Craig Treble Team Scream Suzuki 7.005 189.26
7. Eddie Krawiec Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines 7.007 189.71
8. Steve Johnson Steve Johnson Racing Wyotech 7.024 190.30
9. Wes Wells Kendall Suzuki 7.034 191.65
10. Shawn Gann Mastercam Buell 7.063 189.23
11. Michael Phillips MPR & Damn Sport Suzuki 7.079 192.71
12. Redell Harris Master P/No Limit Record Buell 7.159 180.55
--------- Not Qualified Yet ---------
Mike Berry MB Machining/ LAT Racing Oil 7.160 181.54
Douglas Horne Horne Racing 7.169 184.27
Ryan Schnitz Team Muzzy Kawasaki 7.175 181.98
Matt Guidera Rocklin Motorsports Buell 7.208 160.42
Darin McCurdy G&M Racing Suzuki 7.239 183.07
James Surber South County Cycles Racing Buell 7.343 179.85
John Sachs Jr Yate Brothers Racing/SAX Suzuki 7.522 174.62
Junior Pippin Stone Mtn & Granite Mtn HD Buell 7.619 147.34
Joe DeSantis Javelina H-D & Green H-D Suzuk 12.912 49.69

ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals TV Schedule
Gainesville, Fla.
03/14/2009 Qualifying 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM ET - ESPN2
03/15/2009 Repeat Qualifying 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET - ESPN2
03/15/2009 Eliminations 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET - ESPN2
03/18/2009 Repeat Eliminations 2:30:00 AM - 4:30:00 AM ET - ESPN2

Gatornationals Entry List
Rider Hometown Make Sponsors
Ed Krawiec Englishtown, NJ '09 V-Rod Screamin Eagle/Vance & Hines
Matt Smith King, NC '01 Suzuki Nitro Fish/Suzuki
Andrew Hines Brownsburg, IN '09 Hd V-Rod Screamin Eagle/Vance & Hines
Steve Johnson Birmingham, AL '03 Suzuki GSXR Steve Johnson Racing Wyotech
Craig Treble Harvey, LA '98 Suzuki GSXR Team Scream Suzuki
Karen Stoffer Smith, NV '03 Suzuki GSXR Geico Motorcycle
Matt Guidera Loomis, CA '05 Buell Rocklin Motorsports
Douglas Horne Aberdeen, MD '09 Buell Horne Racing
James Surber Whitethorn, CA '06 Buell South County Cycles Racing
Angie Mcbride King, NC '08 Buell Nitro Fish/Msr/Redline Oil
Junior Pippin Conyers, GA '07 Buell Pirana Z
Shawn Gann Stoneville, NC '08 Buell Master Cam
Hector Arana Milltown, IN '07 Buell Lucus Oil Products
Darin Mccurdy Port Charlotte, FL '03 Suzuki G&M Racing
John Sachs Jr Royal Palm Bch, FL '05 Suzk 1500 Yates Brothers Racing/Sax
Ryan Schnitz Decatur, IN '07 Kawasaki Team Muzzy Kawasaki Trim-Tex
Joe Desantis Rootstown, OH '98 Suzuki GSXR Team Joey D
Wesley Wells Greenwood, IN '98 Suzuki Kendall
Eric Mckinney Hamersville, OH '07 Buell RJR Racing Inc
Michael Phillips Baton Rouge, LA '98 Suzuki GSXR MPR & Damn Sport
Redell Harris Prairieville, LA '08 Buell Master P/ No Limit Record
Mike Berry Littleton, CO '09 Buell MB Machining/LAT Racing Oil

Timing information courtesy of NHRA

Matt Guidera wins Gatornationals

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Guidera, who scored his first career win last season in Maple Grove by becoming the first winning rider to run exclusively in the sixes on race day, did it again in Gainesville. Guidera rode his Rick Maney-tuned Mohegan Sun/Rocklin Motorsports Buell from his 6.92-second pole position to passes of 6.95 and a pair of 6.94s to race past Hector Arana, Chris Rivas, and Chip Ellis. Ellis was unable to contest the round after the engine on his new ride on Don Schumacher’s Suzuki soured after being started for the semifinals. He finished his run with yet another 6.94 to beat Andrew Hines, who also ran all sixes in defeat and lost with a 6.98...

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Gatornationals Qualifying

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The Pro Stock Motorcycle field for the 39th annual ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals was set on Saturday. Rain canceled Friday's qualifying sessions, leaving the teams with just two runs on Saturday to attempt to qualify for Sunday's eliminations.

Qualifying position / Rider / Bike / E.T. / MPH
1. Matt Guidera, Buell, 6.922, 192.85
2. Matt Smith, Buell, 6.972, 190.38
3. Andrew Hines, Harley-Davidson, 6.982, 190.51
4. Eddie Krawiec, Harley-Davidson, 7.001, 190.97
5. Chip Ellis, Suzuki, 7.016, 187.70
6. Angie McBride, Buell, 7.024, 188.31
7. Angelle Sampey, Buell, 7.030, 186.82
8. Karen Stoffer, Suzuki, 7.035, 188.70
9. Chris Rivas, Buell, 7.041, 190.27
10. Paul Gast, Suzuki, 7.080, 187.39
11. Wes Wells, Suzuki, 7.088, 186.87
12. Shawn Gann, Suzuki, 7.092, 187.76
13. Michael Ray, Buell, 7.135, 184.45
14. Junior Pippin, Buell, 7.136, 181.67
15. Edward Murphy, Suzuki, 7.138, 184.40
16. Hector Arana, Buell, 7.147, 186.54

Did Not Qualify (DNQ)
17. Steve Johnson, 7.181, 191.05
18. Mike Berry, 7.226, 185.03
19. Craig Treble, 7.265, 189.60
20. Redell Harris, 7.265, 183.42
21. Darin McCurdy, 7.346, 182.26
22. Ryan Schnitz, 7.471, 177.16

Ellis looking forward to Gatornationals

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The Gatornationals marks the beginning of Ellis' fourth full-season competing in Pro Stock Motorcycle. He qualified fourth at the 2007 event, but lost in the first round of eliminations. The Florida native is looking for a better start this weekend.

"I like the track at Gainesville. It's awesome," said Ellis, a graduate of the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School at Gainesville Raceway, "I've run there a lot with the Pro Star races in the past. I've always liked the track and it's usually pretty fast there and I like going fast, so we should be OK."

A lot of attention has been focused on the new DSR development program involving the new Suzuki Hayabusa engine...

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Gatornationals Entry List

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Here's the updated Pro Stock Motorcycle entry list for the ACDelco NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida, March 13-16, 2008.

2008 Gatornationals Entry List

# Driver Hometown Manf. Engine c.i. Team / Sponsor
1 Matt Smith King, NC '05 Buell S&S 160 Nitrofish/Redline Oil/MSR
2 Andrew Hines Brownsburg, IN '07 HD V-Rod HD 160 Screamin Eagle / Vance & Hines
3 Chip Ellis Plains, GA '03 Suzuki Suz 101 Schumacher Electric Suzuki
5 Angelle Sampey Mathews, LA '07 Buell S&S 160 Rush Racing Products
6 Craig Treble Houston, TX '98 Suzuki GSXR Suz 101 Team Tigue Suzuki
7 Ed Krawiec Englishtown, NJ '07 V-Rod HD 160 Screamin Eagle / Vance & Hines
8 Karen Stoffer Smith, NV '03 Suzuki Suz 101 Geico Motorcycle
9 Steve Johnson Birmingham, AL '03 Suzuki Suz 101 Snap On Tools
25 Matt Guidera Loomis, CA '05 Buell S&S 160 Rocklin Motorsports
44 Chris Rivas Fresno, CA '07 Buell S&S 160 Drag Specialties S&S G2
77 Angie Mcbride Kernersville, NC '08 Buell S&S 160  
133 Paul Gast Grand Island, NY '03 Suzuki Suz 101 Fast by Gast
186 Edward Murphy Bridgeport, CT '98 Suzuki GSXR Suz 101 MPR & DAM Sport
202 Junior Pippin Conyers, GA '07 Buell S&S 160 Stone Mountain & Granite Mountain H-D
205 Shawn Gann Stoneville, NC '03 Suzuki GS 101 Race Girl / Pure Power Lube
235 Hector Arana Milltown, IN '05 Suzuki GSXR Suz 92 Lucas Oil Products
257 Darin McCurdy Port Charlotte, FL '03 Suzuki Suz 101 G & M Racing
308 Ryan Schnitz Decatur, IN '07 Kawasaki Kawa 101 Team Muzzy Kawasaki Trim-Tex
408 James Randolph Houma, LA '03 Suzuki GSXR Suz 101 Wheels Racing Suzuki
412 Michael Phillips Baton Rouge, LA '98 Suzuki GSXR GS 101 MPR & DAMN Sport
413 Michael Ray New Braunfels, TX '05 Buell S&S 160 VROOM Racing Buell
457 Redell Harris Baton Rouge, LA '08 Buell S&S 160 Master P / LaRon Landry
573 Mike Berry Littleton, CO '03 Suzuki Suz 101 M B Precision Machining, Inc.
371 Wesley Wells Greenwood, IN '01 Suzuki Suz 101 DuPont-Kendall