Steve Johnson Does It Again! Wins Carolina Nationals

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Steve Johnson rode his Snap-On Tools Suzuki to victory at the inaugural NHRA Carolinas Nationals at zMax Dragway in Concord, North Carolina on Sunday. This makes two in a row for Johnson, after his win at the U.S. Nationals in Indy two weeks ago. Johnson qualified his Suzuki in the fifth spot for the Carolinas Nationals. He defeated the third fastest qualifier, Eddie Krawiec, in the final round when Krawiec jumped the start by -0.002 of a second.

Steve Johnson began the weekend eighth in Countdown to One championship points. His performance this weekend have bumped him up to second in the points standings. Matt Smith currently sits first in points, 34 points ahead of Johnson.

Notably, Andrew Hines gave a first round win to Wesley Wells by taking a red light. Joe De Santis also took a first round win after Craig Treble’s Suzuki refused to start. In the second round, Joe Read more

Steve Johnson Wins the 54th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

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Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Steve Johnson rode his Snap-On Tools Suzuki to victory at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 54th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Johnson beat Ringers Gloves Pro Bike Battle winner Andrew Hines in the final round with a 7.034 second E.T. at 189.79 MPH, to Hines’ 7.063 second E.T. at 187.63 MPH. Hines’ 0.009-second reaction time was better than Johnson’s 0.030-second reaction, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the speed difference at the end.

Several of the Suzuki riders have finally found the horsepower they need to be competitive with the V-twin Harley-Davidsons and Buells, as evidenced by three of four semi-finalists were on Suzukis. Steve Johnson’s Snap-On Suzuki dispatched Craig Treble’s Albrecht's Fast Track Suzuki in the semi-final, with his 7.106 E.T. at 185.18 MPH. to Treble’s 7.171 E.T. at 182.53 MPH. This was Treble’s first race after joining the Don Schumacher Racing team two weeks ago. Mike Berry’s M B Precision Machining Suzuki also made it to he semi-final round. Berry’s 0.017-second reaction time couldn’t make up for his 7.202 E.T. at 181.81 MPH against the 7.112 E.T. at 185.56 MPH run by Hines and his V-ROD.

ESPN2 will broadcast the eliminations round from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET on September 1st and will replay the eliminations at 2:00 AM to 4:00:00 AM ET on 09/05/2008.

The qualifying order for Monday’s race was:
Matt Smith NitroFish / Torco Buell 6.932 191.16
Hector Arana Lucas Oil Buell 6.954 190.67
Andrew Hines Screamin' Eagle / Vance & Hines 6.969 191.92
Chris Rivas Drag Specialties / S&S / G2 Buell 6.970 190.81
Steve Johnson Snap-On Tools Suzuki 6.984 192.03
Angelle Sampey Rush Racing Products Buell 6.987 188.65
Eddie Krawiec Screamin' Eagle / Vance & Hines 6.990 191.02
Chip Ellis Schumacher Electric Suzuki 7.022 190.27
Craig Treble Albrecht's Fast Track Suzuki 7.033 190.43
Mike Berry MB Precision Machining Suzuki 7.034 189.28
Angie McBride Indicom Electric Buell 7.048 186.92
Joe DeSantis Alamo City Suzuki 7.052 191.43
Matt Guidera Rocklin Motorsports Buell 7.058 187.44
Peggy Llewellyn R2B2 Motors / Rocklin Buell 7.062 187.31
Karen Stoffer Geico Suzuki 7.071 188.83
Michael Phillips Phillips Racing Suzuki 7.072 190.11

Riders that did not qualify (DNQ) for the U.S. Nationals:
Shawn Gann Race Girl/Pure Power Suzuki 7.072 190.14
Wes Wells Ray Skillman Perf. Parts Suzuk 7.078 189.71
Junior Pippin Stone Mountain & Granite 7.098 187.11
Mountain HD Buell
David Hope R&J Racing Buell 7.105 186.15
Mac McAdams Classic Collision Motorsport Suzuki 7.145 186.64
Jim Underdahl Fast Lane Sports/TVT24/7 Suzuki 7.184 185.82
Redell Harris Master P/Laron Laundry Buell 7.192 185.92
Valerie Thompson Eye-On Buell 7.195 182.45
Darin McCurdy G&M Racing Suzuki 7.311 180.65
Buddy Robinson Fast Lane Sports/Questec Suzuki 7.416 179.78
Ryan Schnitz Team Muzzy Kawasaki 10.061 176.01

Quick Qualifying at the Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals in Reading

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Pro Stock Motorcycle qualifying was quick at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 24th annual Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals in Reading, PA. The top ten qualifiers all ran under seven second elapsed times. Matt Smith is the top qualifier after his NitroFish / Torco Buell ran a scorching 6.909 second elapsed time. at 192.38 MPH during the second round of qualifying on Friday.

The Suzuki riders have cut into the V-twin’s dominance of qualifying during prior races. Chip Ellis took the second qualifying spot on his Schumacher Electric Suzuki with a 6.916 second E.T. at 193.88 MPH. Steve Johnson and his Snap-On Tools Suzuki took the fifth spot with a 6.955 second E.T. at 193.88 MPH. The final two of seven qualified Suzuki entries to make the field were Shawn Gann and Paul Gast. Gann’s Race Girl / Pure Power Suzuki took the fifteenth spot with a 7.065 second E.T. at 191.89MPH while Gast’s Fast By Gast Suzuki rounded out the field in sixteenth with a 7.066 E.T. at 187.08 MPH. The competition is really quick when it takes a 7.066 second run to make the field.

ESPN2 will broadcast Eliminations on August 17 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM ET and will rebroadcast the race on August 22 from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM ET.

Qualifying results and first round match-ups for Sunday’s Elimantions:

1. Matt Smith NitroFish/Torco Buell 6.909 192.38
16. Paul Gast Fast By Gast Suzuki 7.066 187.08

2. Chip Ellis Schumacher Electric Suzuki 6.916 193.88
15. Shawn Gann Race Girl/Pure Power Suzuki 7.065 191.89

3. Chris Rivas Drag Specialties/S&S/G2 Buell 6.941 191.59
14. Angie McBride Indicom Electric Buell 7.062 185.08

4. Eddie Krawiec Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines 6.943 192.63
13. Matt Guidera Rocklin Motorsports Buell 7.052 188.04

5. Steve Johnson Snap-On Tools Suzuki 6.955 193.88
12. Junior Pippin Stone Mountain & Granite 7.044 189.98
Mountain HD Buell

6. Angelle Sampey Rush Racing Products Buell 6.964 190.65
11. Wes Wells Ray Skillman Performance 7.033 190.67
Parts Suzuki

7. Andrew Hines Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines 6.972 192.77
10. Karen Stoffer Geico Suzuki 6.996 191.54

8. Craig Treble Team Tigue Suzuki 6.980 191.46
9. Hector Arana Lucas Oil Buell 6.991 192.85

Matt Smith wins in Denver and Peggy Llewellyn returns in good form

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Matt Smith defeated Steve Johnson to win the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 29th annual Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals at Bandimere Speedway in Denver, Colorado. Smith rode his NitroFish/Torco Buell to a 7.326 second elapsed time at 180.74 MPH with a reaction time of 0.005, beating Steve Johnson's 7.340 second E.T. at 180.81 MPH with a 0.043 reaction time. Steve Johnson defeated Eddie Krawiec in the semi-final round when Krawiec's Harley-Davidson broke at the line.

Matt Smith made his way to the final round by defeating Peggy Llewellyn in the semi. Smith ran a 7.370 second E.T. at 181.06 MPH compared to Llewellyn's 7.529 second E.T. at 176.19 MPH. Matt's reaction time was 0.048 to Peggy's 0.040. This was Peggy Llewellyn's first race this year and she returned in fine form. Llewellyn has had to sit most of the season out because she has been unable to secure a title sponsor so far. Peggy joined forces with Matt Guidera of Rocklin Motorsports for a two race deal covering Denver and Sonoma. Peggy is riding a Rocklin Motorsports S&S powered Buell for both races, while she and Guidera make a serious push to secure a sponsor for her to race with for the race of the season.

Guidera and Llewellyn have created a unique program where you can sponsor their bikes. Visit the Rocklin Motorsports sponsoship page for more details on how you can sponsor Peggy or Matt's racing.

Editor's note: When this article was originally published, it erroneously reported Steve Johnson as winning the Mile-High Nationals. We goofed up.

Hector Arana gets victory in Norwalk on his Lucas Oil Buell

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Hector Arana rode to victory on his Lucas Oil Buell at the 2nd annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio today. Arana ran a 7.027 second E.T. at 187.60 MPH to beat the 7.061 second E.T. at 187.83 MPH run by Craig Treble on his Team Tigue Suzuki in the final round. Arana’s reaction time at the light was 0.014 versus Treble’s 0.015.

Arana made to the final round by defeating top qualifier Eddie Krawiec in the semi-final by 0.010 of a second. Craig Treble made it to the final round by defeating Steve Johnson’s Snap-On Tools Suzuki with a 0.0015 margin of victory. Johnson had his best showing in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle series so far this season at Norwalk.

The weekend was plagued by water, as water seeped through the track surface on Friday resulting in cancellation of Friday’s qualifying sessions, except for one round of PSM. Rain delayed qualifying twice on Saturday. Sunday was bright and sunny until more rain arrived, interrupting the racing for about an hour and forty minutes.

Johnson “Chomping At The Bit To Get Back On The Track” in Chicago

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It’s been 30 long days since Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Steve Johnson has swung his leg over the black and red trim of his Snap-on Tools Suzuki, which makes him more than a little anxious for this coming weekend’s NHRA Torco Racing Fuels Route 66 Nationals in Joliet, IL to begin.

“I’m counting the hours,” he admitted with a grin from his office in Irondale, AL. “Racers don’t live normal lives. In fact, we kind of experience things in dog years. That means the last month has seemed like more than a year to me. Wait! Did I get that right? Who cares, you get the idea.

“It’s been a while since we’ve raced, and I’m just as anxious as is my ...

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Racing Star Tells Kids To Make Future Plans

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BROOKSVILLE - BROOKSVILLE - Parents and teachers can talk about having "a plan" after high school until they're blue in the face, but sometimes it takes a star to make students sit up and take notice.

A star like professional National Hot Rod Association Pro Stock motorcycle racer and U.S. Nationals champion Steve Johnson, who stopped at two Brooksville high schools Thursday afternoon to speak to students on his way to compete in the NHRA Gatornationals race in Gainesville.

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Pro Stock Motorcycle Veteran Steve Johnson Ready To Race Now!

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Johnson’s team of Tim Kulungian, Richie Wiley and top WyoTech gradate Jeffrey Imhoff will once again be headed by noted tuner/crew chief Mark Peiser, who guided Johnson’s Snap-on Tools Suzuki to his 15th Top 10 points finish in 21 years in 2007. “To be completely honest with you,” Peiser said, “we want to have the best Suzuki at the race. But Steve and I, with many others Suzuki teams, look at the V-Twin’s qualifying number one 75% of the time for the past 4 years and feel the 160 cubic inches they have is too much of an advantage over our 101 cubic inches Suzuki engines. thinks that’s parity because different teams win on Sunday. It’s my job to tune the motorcycle to get the most out of it and try for the number one spot no matter what the rules are. After qualifying, it’s about racing and our short term goal is to be in the NHRA’s Countdown program.”...

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